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About accommodation

15:00, check-out is usually 11:00 check-in.
In the special room "Sea of Tranquillity with open-air bath," 15:00, check-out is 12:00 check-in.

Tea has offering of setting in room. In addition, we establish free drink section (tea, coffee) in lobby until from 15:00 to 19:00. Please use.

All yukata and slippers in hall are fine.

Available credit card is VISA, MASTER,JCB, UC, DC, UFJ, AMEX, CF.
Debit card is available, too.

Please usually spend until return relaxedly as we put up futon after having return of room key, and equal no works until time for check-out.

We heard prior sending of baggage. In the case of sending, you can let you hand at the time of check-in smoothly when you can specify accommodation date and reservation name on slip.


About guest room

Bath and toilet (wash let), washing face becomes with in all rooms.

Yukata, short coat, bath towel, towel, hand soap, soap, shampoo conditioner, toothbrushing set, comb, razor,
Of after-shave lotion, cleansing form, lotion, emulsion there is offering.
As there are shaver, hair tonic after-shave lotion (man), cotton swab, emulsion, lotion, shower cap (woman) in each large communal bath, please use.

We offer ion dryer in all rooms. In addition, there is free rental of dryer curling irons round and round at the front desk, too.

With refrigerator of all rooms, there is sale of alcohol juice mineral water.

We provide password-type safe for all rooms.

About in-house facility, facilities

It does not support barrier-free, but the hall is fully equipped with elevator and we establish slope again and consider movement with wheelchair.
You cannot come with wheelchair, but the staff supports only large communal bath for men if we have you speak.
In addition, please report at the time of reservation as there is free rental of wheelchair.

We offer smoking space in good place of first view out of the lobby.

Located Kohama area of this hotel becomes possible area with call, communication of companies cell-phone.

All the guest rooms can be connected in wireless LAN.

We install PC in tea salon and are available freely.
In addition, it is available in some guest rooms (the following room type) in guest room if we have you bring PC of LAN connection setting. When you want, please report with "use of Internet at the time of reservation in guest room".
→Special room (three), 12+8 tatami (two), 12.5 tatami (four), 10 tatami (four) with open-air bath

About meal

We cope as much as possible. Please let know allergic detailed contents within one week before staying. But please refer in detail as you may not cope.

About bathing, bath

When you stay, for from 14:30 to 24:00, it is available until from 5:00 a.m. to 9:30.
We assume receptionist of from 14:30 to 22:00 about one-day bathing.
Rate is washrag, bus Tao to rate for adult (more than junior high student) 1,000 yen, dwarf (3 years old - primary schoolchild) 500 yen (tax-included together). We include ru rental rate.
It becomes 600 yen for adults 300 yen for children) about one that had you eat in hall. Please offer bathing one desired at the front desk.

About access, parking lot

Yes. It is available free. Parking lot (the outdoors) is three places, and put together, and is car; 150,
If it is sightseeing bus, there is space that can accommodate 15.

We operate microbus periodical than Kintetsu Toba Station.
For more details, please see <a href=""> "information for traffic" </a>.

About the use with child

We offer kids' lunch.

We offer yukata for child. We are not behind free child.

We have 1,500 yen (tax-included) as "the facility fee for use" about infant three years or older.
Futon or yukata, towel bath towel do not include in the facility fee for use. In the case of the use, additional charge is necessary. In addition, about child having buffet for dinner three years or older, please note that you take 3,500 yen of "facility fee for use 1,500 yen" (tax-included) + "smorgasbord 2,000 yen" (tax-included) in total.

About the use by pet companion

Room to be able to stay with doggy is offered six rooms in this hotel.
As there are doggy and accommodation plan of ichishosenyo, apply by this plan.

Dog species that can stay is limited to small dog which barks, and does not perform waste. Please bring cage or basket for movement in hall. In addition, please bring all the necessities of doggy.
You can lodge at the same hotel to two of them in one room.


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