There is no allowance in the freshness! Five kinds of sashimi






There is no allowance in << freshness! >> to offer fresh ingredients every single day

Thank you for your favor every time.
It is introduction of five kinds of sashimi offering with buffet this time.
We go to market and stock fresh fish excellent at the freshness every morning.
Sea bream which can taste squid full of sweetness, the powerful charm of whitefish in tuna, mouth with full of taste, seasonal; warm; bonito, young yellowtail which it creates hard feelings of pin pin.
How about? Dancer of this corner. It is pin pin. The freshness and result of handling of kitchen knife become this sashimi.
Fresh fish seems to be different in sound when we cut.






We can enjoy taste of part that fish is various every day as we buy tuna and sea bream, seasonal fish including young yellowtail one completely.

As we buy with one, there are red part and fatty white part and can taste various texture and flavor.

Please find taste of tuna!

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