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We offer venue which can perform banquet of up to 230 people in this hotel.
We travel in friends and the workplace and cope with year-end party, new annual convention, reception, various banquets including farewell party.
We support to help secretary. As there is group-like privilege, please use.

In addition, the use at meeting is possible if you can inquire.
Please refer over telephone (TEL: 0120-108-326) to feel free to contact.



Turning point of the life including long-lived celebration and celebration of child on birthday of important one family
We help to be able to spend friendly various places togoyurrikuto.

We can add for preference including cake and dishes with option.
We accept reservation and inquiry over telephone (TEL: 0120-108-236).


We help to be able to celebrate turning point of longevity including the sixtieth birthday with family and close people relaxedly.

Privilege◆Longevity celebration set rental service (chanchanko, folding fan, celebration cushion)
・Sixtieth birthday celebration 60 years old baby chanko
・Seventy years of age celebration 70 years old purple chanko
・Age of Joy celebration 77 years old 〃
・Umbrella Kotobuki celebration 80 years old 〃
・Eighty-eighth birthday celebration 88 years old yellow chanko
・Kotobuki celebration 90 years old purple chanko that is a graduate

◆Souvenir present
We present souvenir toward around one week from memorial day
Recommended option◆Comment dishes
・5,400 yen ... made with figure of sea bream
・4,320 yen ... made with Ise lobster look

Group & group plan

Memorial day plan


We offered option which had you spend anniversary with important person including birthday and wedding anniversary.

412cm2,300 yen
515cm3,500 yen
618cm4,300 yen
721cm6,200 yen
824cm8,400 yen
1030cm15,000 yen

Group & group plan

Memorial day plan



Please use for a great variety of meetings, meetings.
1,080 yen/ (with hand towel) per person
It can accommodate ten people - 200 people. [around two hours]

We accept reservation and inquiry over telephone (TEL: 0120-108-236).

Free rentalWe put up microphone, the microphone stands, whiteboard, signboard, seat bill,
Nameplate, table bill
Option・Projector + screen 10,800 yen
・Stands flower arrangement 10,800 yen ...
・Desk flower 3,780 yen ...
・Teacake 216 yen


Great banquet room "Ise"

Large banquet room that is packable to up to 230 people by use of banquet. It is available in meeting. Area is 250 quires and is available in preference as division into four are possible.

img_layout0111 img_layout0211

FormMaximum seating capacity
Banquet form230 people
Buffet form300 people
Party form200 people
School form180 people
Theater form200 people


Hall "Mitsujima"

We can hold banquet and meeting in hall overlooking Gulf of Toba of superb view.

layout_hall0111 layout_hall0211

FormMaximum seating capacity
Buffet form150 people
School form70 people
Theater form100 people


Medium banquet room "shinju, nagisa"

layout_midmeeting0111 layout_midmeeting0211

FormMaximum seating capacity
Banquet form40 people



■ All-you-can-drink plan ... 3,240 yen (per person)

You add 3,240 yen to normal plan, and please enjoy "all-you-can-drink".
This plan is the use in 120 minutes more than eight people.

[drink menu]
Liquor, beer, shochu, whiskey, juice
※We provide consultation by number of people, use day. Please feel free to contact; (TEL0120-108-326)


■ Club second party plan ... 2,700 yen (per person)

You add 2,700 yen to normal plan, and please enjoy.
This plan is the use in 120 minutes more than ten people.

[drink menu]
Whiskey, shochu, sake, soft drinks all-you-can-drink
※We provide consultation by number of people, use day. Please feel free to contact; (TEL0120-108-326)



Companion17,280 yen (120 minutes)
※Extension rate ... 7,500 yen (60 minutes)
Soft companion25,920 yen (120 minutes)
※Extension rate ... 12,600 yen (60 minutes)
Songs and ballads show21,600 yen (20 minutes)
Folk song show54,000 yen (20 minutes)
Dragon King drum54,000 yen (25 minutes)
Erhu (Chinese stringed instrument)21,600 yen (40 minutes)
Go, shogi648 yen
Mahjong4,320 yen
Massage3,800 yen (30 minutes)
Karaoke (banquet room)10,800 yen
Karaoke room5,400 yen (60 minutes)