Accommodation plan

Accommodation plan


It is number of the rooms-limited and super ... advantageous eyeball plan to donate for a limited time! Don't miss it.


By couple, it is buffet noisily happily in family♪


It is plan of meal in the room that charm of dishes of our hotel was jam-packed. Standard that many people use. If is at a loss; at first is this.


The special room "Sea of Tranquillity" which overlooks the calm sea of Gulf of Toba with open-air bath ♪ Please fully enjoy the sea and luxury of hot water.


What I did in close group of congenial friend, friend and workplace? It is most suitable for graduation trip, neighboring close group, gathering of old man society.


Plan with advantageous tickets of child for free or Toba Aquarium, topknot world Ise♪


Plan about power spot Ise Grand Shrine eminent Japan. We cannot miss pickup and drop-off (either) plan belonging to to Ise Grand Shrine Naiku, too.


Pet is family ...! It is cute pet and plan that can relax together in Japanese-style room♪


Plan to support beauty of woman ♪ Of beauty treatment salon where fair skin effect, the trace polish more in hot spring is with benefits!


Plan that we are glad for couple regardless of age that we want to present to person that you are important for her from boyfriend to wife from master


From wedding anniversary, first date memorial day, association memorial day in celebration of turning point of the life! We will make a lot of wonderful memorial days.


It is plan of traveling alone at will.


Plan that is most suitable for business trip of reservation OK from one person and one-day plan